Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Every girl’s dream on Valentine

If there is anyone reading this out there, Happy Valentines day to you!

The framed picture in the photo was hanging on the wall of a simple cafe in Florence a few months ago. A business card of Firenze Art Gallery was tucked under the frame but nothing of this sort seems to be on their selection at present.

I don’t think it was ever like this for me even a few decades ago or perhaps I was just too shy to notice. Perhaps it isnt  completely out of the question even now if I’m not too particular about the age of the spectators... And I do travel to Italy quite a lot.

I did hear once the driver of a convertible at a crossing in London shouting to me, “Too busy looking at your cute dress.” But the driver was a lady. Nevertheless, I’ll always remember the compliment and what I was wearing: an apple green sleeveless dress with small apple prints in white and yellow here and there sewn by my mother according to a pattern from the latest Burda magazine. This was more than 30 years ago. A few kind words from a stranger that made you happy once may have such a long-lasting effect. We should practise that more.

For those of you who have a better chance to attract this kind of visual admiration, please wear dresses more often. Nice and simple will work best, I dare say. Thumbs up to all of us!

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