Friday, 2 March 2012

Great finds in knit

Some finds are just too great to be overlooked. I simply adore beautiful old pieces made by hand and can’t help fingering them at flea markets even when they are overpriced – that is overpriced for me. The price seldom is even close to what a handmade piece is actually worth when you think about the time, effort and craftsmanship someone has given it once.

But when I can afford it I just have to ‘rescue’ the marvelous handcrafted item I’ve spotted and bring it home. Sometimes the process requires some serious thinking when I try to figure out how to utilize a potential treasure but I have a large family, which will help a lot in finding future owners for my best bargains.

Recently, I discovered this delightful all-wool sweater at the local flea market. I think it is just great. In fact, too ‘great’ for my husband or brother and, I’m afraid, too much of an older man’s pattern and style for my son. But I’m so lucky to have a brother-in-law big enough to fill this fabulous find I just washed and pressed. It will become his in a couple of days when we meet.

This particular sweater is probably an individually machine-knitted item. However, thanks to the beautiful pattern someone has so carefully designed it conveys that feeling of a handmade piece I have a soft spot for and thus qualifies for my most beloved category of finds.

They sell knitwear like this in the old town of Tallinn and I believe this sweater comes from there, too. You just have to love the Estonian patterns in muted colours, often depicting items from the flora and fauna. 

Kaislakerttu designs rather similar patterns in Finland. I have two sweaters by her. Both are second-hand finds with the same pattern but in different background colour. They are my winter favourites and I wear them a lot at home. The long style warms my cold-sensitive hips so nicely. Good old country comfort is the way I like it these days.

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