Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Nordic challenge

I must add one more point to my post of yesterday:

When you no longer have to drag yourself to an office no matter what, living in the North can develop into a veritable vicious circle. The dark and freezing winters are so depressing that you are inclined to regress into a state of hibernation. On the other hand, the light and fresh summers are often so overwhelmingly spectacular that you need to concentrate on the pure joy of experiencing it when you finally can. A vicious circle, indeed!

Should we relocate to a place with less weather variation to ensure any sound and valuable undertakings to be completed throughout our future years? I know we should but shall we, that’s the question. And how soon would we crave after the changing seasons? As soon as we only remembered the best parts of each?  With the present state of my memory and his I’m afraid that would be almost instantly.

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