Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Down and around

Further to my previous post on our Catalonian pilgrimage, we felt it would be a pity to leave the impressive Montserrat mountains just like that.

Monastery of Sant Benet de Montserrat half way up to (and down from) the mountain.

So we thought why not take the long way to our next destination and drive around the whole of the mountain range. After all, the area only measures 10km x 5km.

We figured such a drive shouldn’t take too long however winding the roads might be. And we might see some more of the spectacular sights if we stayed on the smaller ones.

As you can see, this truly was a great idea providing some compensation for our failure to walk any of the paths from the Montserrat monastery

Never mind we had a very late dinner that night. Isn’t it exactly how you are supposed to do in Spain? What’s more, I’ve only just realized that had we visited the monastery according to our original plan the following day it would have been packed because the next day was April 27, the Feast of the Virgin of Montserrat. It might have been a memorable experience but not one I would have liked to coincide with my first visit. A day that seemed to be going towards the wrong track at first turned even more right than we ever understood.

Have a look also at another kind of a gorgeous sight I made him stop for on this drive here.


  1. Mahtavia kuvia! Matkakuume voisi iskeä, jos ei tietäisi että ollaan lähdössä Alicanteen parin viikon päästä!

    1. Kerro Välimerelle terveisiä! Onneksi täällä kotimaassakaan ei ole hassumpaa nyt kun kerrankin jätämme kevätmatkan väliin.

  2. Those mountains look incredible and I enjoyed seeing the Judas trees too! Sarah x

    1. Aren't they stunning! As the mountains were holy it is easy to see why many of the peaks have been given descriptive names such The Cat, The Elephant and The Mummy.