Thursday, 17 April 2014

He did it again

Talking about humane, I’m afraid any beast however tamed just can’t help its nature.

We are in the middle of another migrating season, which is sadly keeping our old gentleman alert and busy. Yesterday Jack brought us a bird, this time a robin (Erithacus rubecula) (punarinta), poor creature.

I find it hard to comprehend where the lazy spoon-fed darling of ours can still find such springtime energy and zest. He could easily lend some of that to me or to the other old gentleman living in this household. You could never guess my men are now exactly the same age in human years.


  1. I have to keep my cat in as we have coyotes and other critters where we live. Cats seem to have a natural hunting instinct - I watch as my cat 'hunts' down flies that get in ;)

    1. Our Jack has a winter indoor mode and a summer outdoor one. He is totally fearless as he grew up with dogs, which is worrying sometimes.