Sunday, 13 April 2014

The sewing one

I have been busy with a thing or two, most recently with a project for a friend. You see, among my friends I am known as the one who sews although I haven’t been sewing much in at least a decade or so. Nevertheless, five years ago when I popped in at a friend to congratulate her on her birthday I left her place with two bags full of fabrics she thought she would no longer have any use for. Now that she had an even more important anniversary I made her a simple quilt using some of those fabrics.

She is the brown-and-orange sort of a person so I chose her four browns and a yellow as the main colours for the quilt. Her colours are very far from those of mine. I had to consult the colour palette of her Autumn personality to check whether it would include any tones I might find in my huge fabric stash. I did have a rather nice vintage fabric by Sanderson with a floral stripe I felt would match very well with the browns and the yellow. The piece called ‘Pheasant moon’ from the 1970s is a flea market find that once served someone as a curtain.

I also recovered some leftovers of a Marimekko fabric called ‘Rekiretki’ (which translates Sleigh ride) designed in 1957. So I decided to accent the turquoise and purple-shifting hues of the Sanderson piece with some sea blue and violet from that one. However, no matter how I tried the turquoise and violet nuances just didn’t turn right in my photos.

The quilt became a modest striped one with a floral border but I am rather pleased with it. Anything multi-coloured and bright will warm my heart. Hopefully this one will delight that of hers also. There is one regret though. Completing this project was no different from most of my other doings. It was completed at the last minute, i.e. in the middle of the night before the morning meeting with the friend. Moreover, the morning was a rainy one and I was in a hurry anyway. I didn’t have a chance to shoot it properly.

You couldn’t imagine how long I’ve been planning to start some serious quilting. I am convinced one day I will be completely crazy about this craft and will continue recording every finished project, however amateurish, with pride.

PS. Dear R, if you would like to have a full-sized bedspread out of these fabrics just let me know. There is much left of the browns and the yellow.


  1. Upea! Minäkin joskus olen haaveillut tilkkutöiden tekemisestä, mutta eipä taitaisi kärsivällisyyteni riittää - eli ei valmistuisi koskaan ;) Tai mun pitäisi ehkä aloittaa jostain pienestä, vaikkapa nukenpeitosta tms ...

    1. Saa nähdä pääsenkö minäkään koskaan oikeisiin pikkutilkkuisiin töihin asti, mutta kerta kerralta tullaan hiukan lähemmäksi.