Monday, 7 April 2014

Fashion with character

On Sunday afternoon, I had the opportunity to see and feel some great fashion. It was a charity show by Jukka Rintala, one of the best-known fashion designers in Finland. He is probably the household name in fashion-related design here thanks to the fabulous one-off evening gowns he has created over several decades for many a public figure we keep seeing on TV and  in the magazines but also thanks to his versatility.

In addition to designing fashion and accessories under his own label and for domestic brands such as Friitala and Marimekko as well as for several French fashion houses, etc, Rintala has been active in many other fields, too. In home textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery, carpets, wallpapers, interior design and who knows what else. He is also famous for his delicate watercolours (see the print on the dress above and on the two below right).

The show of the spring and summer 2014 collection paraded with items I would love to wear. Refined, feminine, full of elegant character. Even the black-and-whites with a flared hem looked most desirable. I’ve never felt comfortable in black or white or black-and-white. Yet I believe Rintala’s black-and-whites spiced with bright-coloured accessories, such as a bold hat or a wide satin belt – resembling the cummerbund, the fabric belt gentlemen wear with tuxedos – would feel just right even on me.

And the fabrics, they were exquisite with wonderful textures, especially the ones of the coats and jackets. The blue with the white flowers above and below, and the dress and coat in the very first photo of this post are my favourites. When I was fingering the fabrics at the pop-up shop during the intermission between the acts of the show wondering whether they were from Italy or France or both, the designer confirmed they did originate from both. What’s more, all the pieces are made domestically, which ensures excellent sewing quality.

We also saw some gorgeous evening gowns but to see photos of those you’d have to search the Internet. Once again, I must thank my sister-in-law for inviting me to an inspiring event arranged by her Lions Club together with another Club in Järvenpää. By the way, all the models but one were members of the Clubs and members daughters. They performed the task beautifully. (Sorry, my few photos of the actual show are not presentable.) It was great to see Rintala’s fashion look fabulous on ordinary people. Very well done!

Have a look also at an earlier post of mine on another great event arranged by my sister-in-law’s Lions Club a few months ago here.


  1. Loved the fabrics and textures as well as comfortable looking. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome. The designs do make you want to sew something with a flared hem for the summer.