Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Took a hike

This year, spring arrived early and so far it has been almost rainless. Yet, nature is reviving slowly as the temperature keeps falling below freezing point almost every night.

The other day, we drove to Espoo to walk one of the trails at the Nuuksio National Park. It’s about time I put my Vendramini hiking boots in frequent service. I’ve understood the Italian company only manufactures motorcycle boots these days. I bought mine in Chamonix more than two decades ago and they are still as good as new because of my unsporty characterThe conditions were ideal: sunny with a slight breeze and a temperature close to +20°C. Birds were singing nonstop. Frogs were croaking in the brooks.

One frog was even sunbathing in the middle of the road while another one had been run over by a car by the parking lot. (Sorry but I couldn’t help including the photo of the colourful entrails on the road. The remains of the poor frog looked like a modern piece of art to me.)  In the deepest shadows of the forest, however, there was still some ice on the swampy spots.

On our way home, we stopped for a picnic lunch by a roadside lake. Although we still have to wait for the greenery early spring is such a wonderful season. It makes your heart sing.

More about the Nuuksio National Park in an earlier post of mine here.

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